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My works are made from a zen perspective and I try to apply them a transcendental meaning.

Ismael García Burillo, a Spanish plastic artist, born in Zaragoza Spain in 1963. He arrived in Venezuela in 1974 while still a child, he had already started in the trade of apprentice painter at the hand of his mother Doña Teresa Burillo Rodrigo, an artist from the Aragonese community, with whom he learned painting and drawing until his adolescence and with his father, a cabinetmaker by profession, the skills in the trade, which he learned with care.
After having graduated from the Bachelor of Humanities at the La Salle Valencia School, he continued his studies of drawing and painting at the private academy of Luis Rodríguez, a fleeting artist from Granada-Scots, who instructed him extensively in the trade of painting and drawing in its different manifestations. At that time, when he was only 19 years old, he studied art appreciation with Professor Aquiles Ortiz in the exhibition hall of the Intercontinental-Valencia hotel and began studies at the Arturo Michelena school of plastic arts. After Master Luis Rodríguez left the country, he began a period of deeply personal or interior as well as artistic research, which led him to belong to important movements in search of truth and interior development with the G.I. Gurdjieff. In these years he has dedicated himself not only to painting and drawing, but he has worked as a cabinetmaker for several years, structured programming, marketing and even at an early age he was a member of two musical groups performing as a guitarist, composing contemporary music with no other desire than personal fulfillment and the search for oneself through art. He directed the TAF ceramic workshop for 12 years, becoming versed in the trade of stoneware ceramics, he received classes in ceramic enamels from the illustrious Carabobeña Cristina Araujo ceramist. The range of bonsai pots that have been produced by his hand and unique pieces of stoneware is wide. He has always exhibited sometimes in the city of Valencia both with pieces of stoneware ceramics such as painting and drawing, pens, etc ... Later with his wife and children, he began higher studies in Plastic Arts at the Luis Eduardo Chávez Pilot Center, where he had to interrupt for a trip to Spain in 2002 where he lasted 2 years and his work diversified investigating new materials and styles. From the moment of his return, he resumed his research and has been recovering the small format in acrylic on wood and grease pencil. He has worked painting and drawing in his La Entrada studio and continues with the investigation between abstraction and figuration. Returning to Spain in 2016, he lived in Madrid continuing his research in ceramics and painting as well as developing a series of sculptures in combined materials. He currently continues his work in Cebreros, province of Ávila, from where he paints his paintings, turns stoneware pieces for bonsai, and works with sculptures of wood, ceramics, and metals, continuing with the practice of self-observation, based on the teachings of GI Gurdjieff .

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